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Cancellation and Refund


If, Merchant cancels the services of EverOffer listing, before it's available for users on the site, Global Creation Services Private Limited will refund total subscription charges within commercially reasonable time. If, Merchants cancels the service request after the listing is available for users, Global Creation Services Private Limited will refund subscription charges by deducting charges for the time for which the Merchant service will be online, within commercially reasonable time. This deduction amount will be calculated on the basic of total time initially applied by the Merchant and time, when EverOffer received request and plus seven days, the time for minimum number of days, the offers will be online, after service termination request from the Merchant. Refund will be made on Merchant's account. Since this service is only chargeable for Merchants and not for the customer of online services and listings, the cancellation policy of the Merchant's product and services will be applicable for the Customers.

EverOffer is not entertaining any Cancel and Return request from customers.